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Navigating Mexico's Real Estate Market: A Guide for Family Offices

Aldo Gonzalez

CEO & Partner, Fenik Investments

Discover the strategic advantages and opportunities for family offices in Mexico's dynamic real estate market in this detailed discussion with Aldo González from Fenik Investments. This video provides an in-depth analysis tailored for family investors looking to diversify and stabilize their portfolios with international real estate investments, particularly in the burgeoning Mexican market. Aldo sheds light on the significant benefits of investing in industrial and residential sectors, emphasizing investments in U.S. dollars to minimize exchange rate risks. He also elaborates on the concept of nearshoring, which is reshaping the industrial landscape in Northern Mexico, attracting U.S. businesses seeking proximity to home markets. Critical for success, Aldo discusses the necessity of establishing trustworthy local partnerships to effectively manage investments, comply with local regulations, and enhance investment returns.

Transforming Real Estate: The Keller Williams Journey with Co-founder Joe Williams

Joe Williams

Co-founder of Keller Williams

In this episode, Joe Williams, the co-founder of Keller Williams, sharing his incredible journey in the real estate industry. From starting in retail to becoming a pivotal figure in real estate, Joe's story is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of relationships. Mr. Williams delves into the origins of Keller Williams, discussing the challenges and opportunities that shaped the company into a global real estate powerhouse. He opens up about his personal journey, the early days of his career, and the strategic decisions that led to Keller Williams' disruptive approach to real estate brokerage. Joe's insights are invaluable for anyone interested in the evolution of the real estate industry, the power of innovation in traditional markets, and the stories of perseverance behind one of the most recognized names in real estate.

Mastering Family Real Estate Businesses: Operational Strategies and Generational Growth

David Stanford

Founder of RealFoundations

Join us for a riveting episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights as we welcome David Stanford from RealFoundations. In this episode, DJ Van Keuren dives deep into the challenges and opportunities faced by family-owned real estate businesses, from small startups to those in the midst of generational transitions and expansive growth. David brings to light the operational intricacies of running a real estate company, emphasizing the importance of an efficient operating model and platform. Whether you're part of a family-owned real estate venture looking to expand or modernize your operations, or simply interested in the dynamics of real estate business management, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice from an industry expert. Discover how RealFoundations helps real estate companies run better, and learn strategies for embracing change and leveraging third-party expertise to your advantage.

Cross-Border Real Estate Investment: Insights from MSF Capital's Michael Felman

Michael Felman

President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors

In this discussion, we dive deep into the evolution of family offices from traditional investment avenues to sophisticated, global real estate ventures. Michael shares his journey from practicing law to establishing a family office focused on angel investments, eventually leading to the creation of MSF Capital Advisors. This advisory firm caters to an exclusive clientele of family offices around the world, guiding them through the intricacies of investing in diverse markets. Whether you're a seasoned investor looking to expand your horizons or new to the realm of family office investments, this episode offers valuable perspectives on navigating the global real estate market. Michael's experiences and insights shed light on the complexities and opportunities that lie in cross-border investments, emphasizing the importance of patience, diligence, and strong relationships in achieving success. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that bridges the gap between local expertise and global investment ambitions. Subscribe to Family Office Real Estate Insights for more episodes that explore the latest trends and strategies in real estate investments.

Optimizing Real Estate Strategies: Discussion with Jack Ablin of Cresset Partners

Jack Ablin - Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Cresset

Cresset Partners

Join us on another enlightening session of Family Office Real Estate Insights, where we have the privilege of hosting Jack Ablin, a distinguished figure from Cresset Partners, frequently seen on CNBC and Fox Business, and an accomplished author of numerous books. In this engaging conversation, Jack delves into the turbulent changes witnessed in the real estate market over the last year, including the expansion of cap rates and the rise in interest rates, affecting both private and public markets. Discover Jack's insightful analysis on how these shifts impact various sectors, from REITs to commercial office spaces, and learn about the implied cap rates that are pushing into double digits. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation with Jack Ablin. Subscribe for more Family Office Real Estate Insights and stay tuned for our next episode, where we continue to explore the fascinating world of real estate investing.

Greatness Is A Choice

Ethan Penner - Author and Creator

The CMBS Market

In this enlightening discussion, DJ Van Keuren sits down with Ethan Penner, author and real estate financial pioneer, to dive deep into the themes from Penner's new book Greatness is a Choice. Ethan Penner delves deep into the concept of contrarianism, emphasizing the profound power of self-esteem and trusting oneself. In his book, Penner addresses the importance of real confidence and the continuous journey of self-reflection, suggesting that true self-worth isn't stagnant but is earned and reassessed daily. Drawing from personal experiences and valuable life lessons, he explores the nuances of wisdom, the role of youthful fervor in the world, and the significance of remaining open and ever-eager to learn. Penner's perspective, encapsulated in 70 thought-provoking chapters, is not just a guide for business but a profound exploration of life, growth, and finding one's true self.

The Benefits of Long Term Real Estate Investing

Peter Linneman - Professor Emeritus

Wharton School of Business

In a podcast with DJ Van Keuren, real estate expert Peter Linneman advocates for long-term holding and low leverage to minimize market risks. Drawing from his experience with Sam Zell, Liniman emphasizes understanding downside risks and adjusting leverage based on property types. The discussion also explores emerging trends like real estate tokenization and Opportunity Zones, both offering benefits but requiring caution. Both hosts stress the importance of fully understanding an investment and see real estate as a means to preserve family wealth The podcast is a treasure trove of information for anyone—from family offices to individual investors—interested in the real estate investment landscape.

Low Leverage and Investing in Today's Market

Louis Dubin - Managing Partner

Redbrick LMD

In the upcoming episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights, we're joined by Louie Dublin from Redbrecht to discuss the current landscape of real estate investment. Louie shares his company's focus on developing nearly 2,000 residential units in Washington, D.C., most of which are market-rate housing. Amid rising interest rates and economic uncertainties, Louie emphasizes the importance of low leverage in their investment strategy. He reveals that Redbrecht typically leverages less than 40% for construction debt, a conservative approach that has enabled them to secure a non-recourse construction loan over $100 million. The conversation also delves into Opportunity Zones, where Louie highlights the benefits and challenges. With insights from one of the largest family office real estate studies, this episode promises to offer valuable perspectives for both family offices and individual investors considering multifamily real estate. Don't miss it!

Family Office Governance & Investment Policy Statements

Andrew Pitcairn - Family Council Chair/Director

Pitcairn MFO

In this enlightening conversation, we explore the multifaceted role of education in wealth management and legacy planning with Andrew Pitcairn of Pitcairn, emphasizing that it goes beyond financial literacy to include understanding one's family history and values. We discuss the holistic approach of a true family office, which encompasses investments, family dynamics, and transitions. The conversation also delves into the complexities of transitioning from a single-family to a multi-family office, the importance of Family Councils, and the role of governance in maintaining family unity. We wrap up by discussing the significance of real estate as a hard asset in legacy building, underscoring the idea that a strong investment portfolio and good governance are interdependent. This discussion aims to provide valuable insights for families looking to preserve their wealth and legacy for future generations.

Investing in a Dislocated Market

Investing in a Dislocated Market

Rick Courtney - CEO of Essential Realty Partners

Rick Courtney from Essential Realty Partners discussed the concept of a dislocated market," which occurs due to financial system stress that causes mispricing of assets.

Increasing interest rates have caused significant distress in the marketplace and shifted the need for organizations to hedge their debt.

The shift has caused a shockwave among organizations whose budgets did not anticipate the magnitude of change, while also creating negative leverage situations for multifamily operators.

In order to prepare for future capital stacks, it is important for organizations to take into account worst case scenario sensitivity analysis in order to mitigate downside risk.

The Current State Of The Debt Market Place


David Turley – Principal of Cronheim Mortgage

Discover the current state of the debt marketplace with David Turley of Cronheim Mortgage. He has been in the business for 23 years and shares valuable insights on where institutional capital sources and securitized sources are headed. Plus, find out why some banks have stopped lending after being "flushed" with cash during the pandemic. Get all the latest information from this thought leader and industry expert!

Self Storage And The Current Environment


Isaac Rothermel – Principal of Storage Investment Capital

Are you looking for insights on self storage investments? Join us as we talk with Isaac Rothermel from Storage Investment Capital! Hear how self storage properties are yielding higher returns than other classes such as student housing and multifamily. Plus, find out why brokers have had no problem selling storage properties between 2019 to mid-2022. Get the real estate industry's premier insight into investing in self storage properties with this must-watch episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights!

Sticking To The Basics In Alternative Investing


Andy Hagans of the Alternative Investment Podcast

Looking to get involved in alternative investments? Learn from the experts and find out how to navigate the tricky waters of investing. Join Family Office Real Estate Insights with special guest Andy Hagans as he and DJ Van Keuren discuss key strategies for navigating real estate markets and investing smartly. Get the advice you need to make informed decisions - tune into our latest episode today!

The Current Status Of Opportunity Zones March 2023


Jimmy Atkinson – Founder of Opportunity Db & Wealth Channel

Don't miss this episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights, where we speak with Jimmy Atkinson, founder of Opportunity DB and Wealth Channel about the current status of Opportunity Zones! In this exclusive interview, Jimmy shares his insights on the greatest tax incentive ever created and discusses how COVID-19 has impacted fundraising, transaction trends, and more. Learn from the industry expert himself why Opportunity Zones should be a factor in your real estate investments this March 2023.

Family Office Relationships


Joe Hess - Principal at C9 Advisors

Join Joe Hess, Principal at C9 Advisors, as we explore the world of family office relationships. With over ten years of experience in commercial real estate markets and as a licensed CA Real Estate Broker, Joe brings valuable insights to the table. Discover the keys to building successful relationships within the family office landscape, and gain a deeper understanding of the role of family offices in commercial real estate advisory. Don't miss out on Joe's expertise and experience in this engaging conversation.

The Impact Of Family Governance On Real Estate Investments


Tom Orradre – Managing Member of RanchHarbor

Are you interested in learning about how family governance can impact real estate investments? Then don't miss this episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights featuring Tom Orradre from Single Family Office Ranch Harbor! In this interview, Tom will discuss his experience in the formation of Ranch Harbor and the benefits of investing in real estate from a family perspective. Tune in to gain valuable insight into this complex and fascinating industry. Don't wait - watch now!

Owning Your Own Real Estate Assets within the Family Office


Robert Hayman – Principal at Hayman Properties

Join us as we dive into the world of owning real estate assets within the family office, with our guest Robert Hayman, Principal at Hayman Properties. As the Chief Executive Officer of Hayman Properties, Robert brings over 30 years of real estate experience and a track record of innovative strategies leading to exceptional profits. Discover the insights and expertise behind building and managing a significant and growing portfolio of real estate within the family office structure. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from this seasoned entrepreneur and real estate expert.

Using Consultants To Make Family Office Investments


Larry Wolf – CEO of Red Diamond, Ltd.

Discover the benefits and strategies of utilizing consultants for family office investments with Larry Wolf, CEO of Red Diamond, Ltd. With his extensive experience as Chief Executive Officer of a Single Family Office, Larry brings valuable insights on leveraging consultants in the financial services industry. Explore the role of consultants in business and financial planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, and start-ups. Gain expert advice from this seasoned professional, who holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration and Management, General from Miami University. Enhance your investment approach and unlock new opportunities with the guidance of this esteemed industry leader.




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